The Sixth Dzongkhag Tshogdhu Session Was Held On 7th August, 2019

07 August 2019

As per the Dzongkhag Annual calendar, the sixth Dzongkhag Tshogdhu session of 2nd local governance was held on 7th August, 2019. Yalang Gup chaired the session and Lam Neten, Hon'ble Kuenga Loday(MP), Dasho Dzongdag, Dasho SP, eight Gewogs Gups & Mangmis, Sectorheads and Regional Heads were the members attended respectively.The session began with the detailed presentation on approved budget for financial year 2019-2020 by the Dzongkhag Finance Officer. 

The Dzongkhag planning officer made cleared on the proposed DDG (Dzongkhag Development Grant) funded activities and explained the importance of using DDG fund for the same and was placed before the Tshogdhu members for endorsement. Furthermore, the guidelines for attending the National and Dzongkhag events was laid out to the members for review and endorsement. The Tshogdhu members also  raised issues pertaining to their ongoing activities and others which need immediate support from the relevant stakeholders.


Dzongkhag Planning Officer presenting on DDG


Yalang Mangmi presenting their activities for Financial Year 2019-2020