Census Form

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Service-Application-Form.pdf 154.49 KB
Naturalization-Regularization-Cases-and-Those-Omitted-in-Census.pdf 184.26 KB
Replacement-of-Citizenship-Identity Special-Residence-Permit-Card.pdf 165.3 KB
Change-of-HoH-BCRS.pdf 184.82 KB
Name-Change-Correction-of-DoB.pdf 165.54 KB
Information-on-Birth.pdf 234.87 KB
Change-of-CitizenSRP-Individual-Information-Details-of-Spouse.pdf 165.91 KB
BCRS-Move-In-Move-Out-01.pdf 1005.42 KB
BCRS-VR-Move-In-Move-Out-01.pdf 824.85 KB
BCRS-Move-In-Move-Out-02.pdf 1.18 MB
Change of Census Status Up-gradation-Down-gradation.pdf 162.11 KB
Citizenship Identity - Special Resident Card Application Form For Those Reporting For The First Time.pdf 968.19 KB
Statement Of Death That Occur Outside Health Facility In Bhutan.pdf 384.59 KB
Birth Registration Form.pdf 944.21 KB
New Citizenship Identity or Special Resident Card Application Form.pdf 750.43 KB
Statement of Guarantor for Birth Registration.pdf 337.68 KB
Death Reporting Form.pdf 768.1 KB