Census Form

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Birth Information.pdf 90.39 KB
Birth Registration Form.pdf 208.74 KB
Census transfer form for Inter Dzongkhag.pdf 406.1 KB
Census transfer form for Within Dzongkhag.pdf 405.57 KB
Census transfer form for Within Gewog.pdf 405.84 KB
Change of Census Status Upgradation & Downgradation Form.pdf 162.11 KB
Change of Citizen & SRP Individual Information and Details of Spouse Form.pdf 165.91 KB
Change of HoH Form.pdf 184.82 KB
Citizenship Identity & SRP card for those reporting for the first time.pdf 412.1 KB
Death Reporting Form.pdf 175.03 KB
Name Change & Correction of DOB Form.pdf 164.29 KB
Naturalization & Regularization Cases and Those Omitted in Census.pdf 184.26 KB
Replacement of Citizenship Identity & Special Residence Permit Card.pdf 165.3 KB
Service Application Form.pdf 154.49 KB
Statement of Death.pdf 67.27 KB