Chorten Kora

Chorten Kora, which resembles the famous Boudhanath Stupa in Nepal, was built by Lam Ngawang Loday, the 3rd Lam of Rigsumgoenpa in order to subdue demons at the behest of people living along the Kholungchu as the place Dhuerong, (valley of demons) was known to be infested with demons causing harm to both humans and animals. When the construction reached the completion of vase (Bumpa) section, it is believed that a 16 years old Khandum from the Dhagpa community of Tawang, India entered the chorten and disappeared. The chorten was built over a period of 12 years starting in 1740s and was consecrated by HH the 13th Je Khenpo, Yonten Thayey on the 30th Day of the First Bhutanese month.

The Chorten, besides being the cynosure of Trashiyangtse, is believed to be wish-fulfilling. Every year, the 15th Day of the First Bhutanese month is celebrated as Dhagpakora or Chengyakora, visited by many people from the Dhagpa community in Tawang. Similarly, the 30th Day of the First Bhutanese month is celebrated as Namgangkora or Drukpakora every year.                                                             

Old Pinnacle (old Sertog)

This was the pinnacle (Sertog) of the Chorten before it was replaced with the current one by 6th Rigsumgoenpa Lam, Shacha Gyalpo. It is believed that the Lam was anxious about lowering the pinnacle to the ground but to his surprise it was found to be lowered down by dakinis (khandoms) and placed on the ground. To gain maximum merit, it is believed that one should circumambulate this stone pinnacle the same number of times one circumambulates the Chorten.

Current Pinnacle
Current Pinnacle