Mon, 17 February 2020
Mon, 17 February 2020
Trashi Yangtse LSS Football Ground

The Desuung raising day was celebrated at Trashi Yangtse Lss football ground on 14th February, 2020. Dasho Dzongdag accompanied with Lam Neten, Dasho SP, Dzongrab Gom, KHEL JMD, Yallang Thrizin, Yangtse Gewog Gup, few Regional Heads and Dzongkhag staff attended the event.

Brief background about the event:

• The phrase “De-Suung” means Guardians of Peace.

• The ultimate objective of nation building is peace and harmony for Bhutan and her people- His Majesty The Druk Gyalpo

• As per the Command of His Majesty The King, the Desuug Integrated Training Programme is instituted to be a value-based personal development program with the main objective to encourage all citizens to be active in the greater role of nation building. The underlying premise of the training program is built upon the spirit of volunteerism and the positive influence of ethics and values of community service, integrity and civic responsibility.

• The first batch of De-suung Integrated Training programme was officially launched on 14th February 2011 with 125 candidates (80 male and 45 female). With the  completion of 37th batches, a total of 4456 Desuups have been trained.

• In keeping with the Royal Command and as per the resolutions of the 1st Desuung Coordinators Meeting held in April, 2019 and as endorsed by the 6th Desuung Executive Council Meeting held on 3rd July 2019, Desuung Raising Day will be celebrated across the nation on 14th February with effect from 2020.

(Reported by Chada, Jamtshok, Dy. Chief Dzongkhag Education Officer and ICT Section)